Dr.Hwang's lab

Sooam Biotech Research Foundation

Human Bio Next
SOOAM Biotech Research Foundation that creates a future of biotechnology

SOOAM Biotech Research Foundation is a nonprofit corporation established for the purpose of introducing scientific technologies and realizing
the humankind’s welfare by establishing basic biotechnology which is emerging as the most important area in the 21st century and developing talented manpower in related research areas.

The outstanding research team lead by Dr. Hwang Woo-suk, a chair professor of Seoul National University who has established embryonic stem cell
customized for each patient for the first time in the world produces research results that continue to attract the world’s attention and interest by
conducting researches on stem cell which is believed to have infinite possibilities.

Dracell Cosmetics has created cell-science anti-aging cosmetics that can realize the beautiful skin from the inside on the basis of SBRF’s continuous
researches on stem cell and knowhow.

  • Establishment of stem cell
    customized for each patient
  • Animal model-based researches
    on diabetes, Alzheimer's,
    and other such human diseases
  • Project for restoring extinct and
    endangered animals
  • Research on the cloning of dogs
    designed for a special service for
    governmental institutions
  • Global talent development
  • Pursuit of sharing life