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							Frontier of Biotech
							'모방할 수 없는 바이오기술의 노하우로 드라마틱한 피부 속 변화를 꿈꾸다.'

With the importance of every life and the values of and hope for biotechnology for overcoming incurable diseases, Dracell Cosmetics marches towards a new world based on a longing for eternal beauty. Dracell considers the sale of cosmetics not just as a profitable business but an opportunity to realize the value of a social firm through the
creation of new beauty. Dracell presents dramatic changes in the skin and new beauty according to the slogan “Self-awakening skin. A dramatic change in your skin,
Dracell” on the basis of Dr. Hwang Woo-suk’s, a global authority in stem cell technology, professional skills and know-how accumulated for many years. Dracell wishes to be there for everyone, having innovative ideology to develop creative beauty. Thank you.

Dracell Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Brand story

  • junecell


    Inimitable cell science pursues firm beauty that becomes visible in just 4 weeks.
    Rejuvenate + Cell = JuneCell
    The key to the solution to the root cause of aging that happens to everyone as
    times passes is “Cell”.
    The firm inside of the skin starts to get weakened as time passes. So JuneCell
    begins inimitable cell-care on the basis of advanced biotechnologies.
    JuneCell promises women in their 40s and 50s who are experiencing rapid
    aging process more beautiful and healthier skin from the inside with
    regenerative vitality and firmness.

    • Skin irritation test completed on every product
    • Functional anti-aging cosmetics
    • Definite skincare for more resilient skin
  • beaute de Cell


    If you start seeing aging symptoms, start Beaute De Cell!
    Beaute De Cell is a brand that means the beauty in cell.
    Beaute De Cell presents much more pleasant changes on the skin for women
    aged between 20s and 30s who start seeing aging symptoms to maintain the
    youthful skin at all times based upon the idea that the beginning of the
    beautiful skin is from cell-care.
    Fill the exhausted skin from external environment and stress with moisture and let it stay healthy and youthful.

    • Functional anti-aging cosmetics
    • Soft and gentle texture
    • Vitalizing and thoroughly moisturizing skincare
  • Beaute de Cell homme

    보떼드셀 옴므

    Cell-care is an absolute necessity to the rough, exhausted men’s skin.
    Beauty in cell! Beaute De Cell takes care of the rough, exhausted men’s skin
    from irregular life pattern and stress from the inside.
    Beaute De Cell Homme performs thorough refreshing skincare based upon the differentiated cell science technology designed for comforting and relaxing the
    skin from the inside.

    • Functional anti-aging cosmetics
    • Refreshing, light texture
    • Cell science solution designed for men’s skin

Authenticity verification solution M-TAG

M-TAG is an authenticity verification method made of special color-changing magnetic security material.
Dracell Cosmetics runs M-TAG the authenticity verification method in order for costumers to use authentic products of Dracell safely anywhere at any time.

# How to verify authenticity

  1. 1. M-TAG showing the authenticity is attached on the product container.
  2. 2. Remove "Original" label from M-TAG.
  3. 3. Place magnet on the back of "Original" label and it will change color, which proves authenticity.
  4. 4. Color’s changing pattern may differ according to the type of magnet.

※ In case of mask products, place magnet directly on the bottom of the pouch with the M-TAG attached to confirm authenticity.

Global Brands

Dracell Cosmetics that was created with the support from a global authority in stem cell technology Dr. Hwang Woo-suk’s professionalism
attacks global market to spread its technical skills and beauty knowhow all over the world. Dracell is enhancing its position as a global brand,
advancing into not only the U.S. and China but the Middle East, Russia, and Asia.